Code & Name Description


Dura Seal PS
Two-part polysulphide based sealant designed to be used as a flexible seal for moderate movement and control joints between 5mm and 50mm in width. Available in either a pourable or gun grade, the product has excellent adhesion properties on substrates such as primed concrete, stone, metals, glass, etc. and to all materials commonly employed in building and construction work. It is particularly suitable for application in areas where access for subsequent maintenance will be difficult and the risk of movement failure needs to be minimized.



Dura Seal A
Is a high performance, one component acrylic sealant. It exhibits good skin formation time, used as a cavity filling, compatible and gives good adhesion with most of construction materials like Aluminum, wood, concrete, masonry walls, PVC and iron.



Dura Bond PVA
Multi function PVA bonding agent that may be used as a sealer, primer and an admix for concrete and also a bonding agent for papers, cement screeds. Suitable for most surfaces such as concrete, terrazzo, stone, block etc.



Dura Bond SBR
High performance SBR bonding agent, a multi purpose water resistant primer, sealer, bonding agent and admixture for cementitious systems, compatible with cement screeds, terrazzo, stone, block etc.



Dura Bond EP
Solvent free 100 % solid; two component epoxy based adhesive system. This material gives moderate working time @ 35 degree C, it rapidly cures to a rigid, tough material having excellent characteristics suitable for bonding.



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